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    Hell on Wheels Fans!

    Attendees to the 2013 San Diego Comic Con will have the opportunity to travel the city in 19th century style aboard the steam locomotive from HELL ON WHEELS, courtesy of Entertainment One. Or, at least a San Diego Transit Trolley wrapped to evoke the earlier, pre-electric form of transportation at the center of the hit AMC-TV series. Working in conjunction with San Diego Transit, Entertainment One U.S.'s creative services department devised show-specific eye-catching full-color artwork to best re-create a little piece of the Old West in the New West.

    The HELL ON WHEELS locomotive will steam its way into town for SDCC, and will be on the rails until August 4. Aside from generating buzz for the series, which is produced…

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  • Asnow89

    Hello Ender's Game fans! Courtesy of our staff members over at Comic-Con, you can check out the ENDER'S GAME Battle School Recruitment video and a new online aptitude test for recruits!

    Battle School Needs You!

    Do you have what it takes? Take the International Fleet's Battle School Aptitude Test to discover your role in protecting Earth from the next Invasion. Our future depends on it!

    Battle School
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