• Ausir

    Collider has gathered over 150 photos of various toys and collectibles found at this year's Comic Con in San Diego. You can see some of them below:

    Of course, it's just a glimpse - you can find a lot more here. Which ones would you want to own the most?

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  • Ausir

    io9 has put together a handy list of 25 rules of Comic-Con etiquette that you're advised to follow if you go to the convention.

    Here are some examples:

    10.) If you're over 18, don't ask panelists if they're single.
    11.) If you're between 8 and 17, you're allowed to inquire about panelists' relationship statuses, but be prepared for a chorus of nervous titters.
    16.) If you want to take a photo of a cosplayer, it's proper form to ask first. Most will be happy to oblige and pose fiercely.

    Do you have any other ideas for rules that a Comic-Con goer should follow? If so, leave them in the comments!

    Source: io9

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