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Courtesy of TV Line, we have some juicy spoilers from The Vampire Diaries panel at Comic-Con! The interview with cast and producers discuss our burning questions regarding "Delena," the death of Elijah at Klaus's hands, and of course: "[Jeremy] can see dead people."


While fans may be dying for some Damon/Elena time, producers warn that there may be too much going around for them to have a lot of down time: “There are too may things in the way for them to just run into each other’s arms right away.” What’s more, when Damon attempts to make sense of the whole missing brother/loving Elena situation, “It explodes in his face.”

Evil Stefan

Meanwhile, Stefan is running amok with Klaus...and there are rumors of a certain vampire lady who is familiar with "Ripper Stefan." No Lexi then?


Although Elijah was brutally killed by looks like he'll make an appearance again! He has died before. "When prodded about Elijah’s future in Mystic Falls, Plec responded playfully, “Oh, there is no joy in the world if Daniel Gilles isn’t on this show.”

What else? We don't know everything about Jeremy's new ghost whisperer powers, whether Tyler and Caroline will be the new hot vamp-were couple, or where Katherine has skipped off to. Meanwhile, there's a new casting alert for Jack Coleman of Heroes! He'll play another tough guy...with a grudge against vamps!

Meanwhile, enjoy the teaser video for Season 3!



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