So...what do we know about Season 3 of The Walking Dead? We know there will be a prison, zombies to go along with it, and a sinister figure called The Governor. But now, we get to go a step farther. Feast your eyes on the Season 3 promo poster!

The poster clearly shows The Governor, as played by British actor David Morrissey. In addition, we get to catch a glimpse of katana sword warrior Michonne, played by Danai Gurira.

Showrunner Glen Mazzara also has something to say about Season 3 which leads us to believe it could be an even scarier and action-packed season: “The entire landscape has fallen to zombies,” says Mazzara, “The entire world has collapsed, the apocalypse has taken over, the zombies have taken over, there’s no safe place. And I think in the past our characters thought they could find some safe harbor, and now there’s just no good hiding place at all.”

The Season 3 poster will be featured all over Comic-Con next week, so keep a look out!

The-walking-dead-season-3 510

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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