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Great news, Spartans -- 343 Studios' Frank O'Connor has announced that Dark Horse comics is planning on publishing an all-new Halo comic series, set to release later this year. The series will be titled Halo: Escalation.

Halo: Escalation will spin off of events from Halo 4, beginning when the UNSC Infinity is assigned to escort a ship carrying the Arbiter and the Brutes and ends up fending off an offense meant to disrupt the negotiations. The comic is set to feature Captain Lasky, Spartan Palmer, and additional series favorites. If you're looking for some new canon, look no further than Halo: Escalation -- written by Halo 4 lead writer Chris Schlerf, I'm sure the narrative will be a real fan-pleaser. Omar Francia, who did work on the Mass Effect and Star Wars: Legacy comic series, will handle the art for the first three issues, with Anthony Palumbo (Dragon Age) taking care of the covers.

“There are many, many more stories we want to tell in the Halo universe than we’d ever be able to explore solely through the games,” said writer Chris Schlerf. “Having the chance to see those adventures come to life on a monthly basis feels like the ultimate realization of an awful lot of dreaming on our part.”

Mark your calendars and ready those plasma grenades: the first issue of Halo: Escalation hits stores on December 11, 2013.

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