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Oldboy, director Spike Lee's remake of the classic South Korean revenge thriller, had quite the presence at this year's convention, celebrating the film's impending release with a spirited regalia of over a dozen girls wearing traditional South Korean garb and twirling yellow umbrellas bearing the film's logo and tagline.

Set to release on October 25th in theaters across the country, Oldboy tells the story of an advertising executive (played by No Country For Old Men's Josh Brolin) who, for no apparent reason, is abruptly kidnapped and subsequently held for twenty years in a hotel room. After being released (again for no apparent reason), he decides it's high time to find out who stole twenty years from him and exact his revenge. Much of that exacting comes by way of a hammer. 

Check out the trailer for the film, as well as pictures from SDCC's Oldboy umbrella parade, below.

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