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Great news for horror fans: Lionsgate films has released a poster (below) for their upcoming slasher flick entitled You're Next, which features animal-masked, ax-wielding murderers, supposedly "waiting, ready for you behind every door." Well now doesn't that sound just dandy! Supposedly, the Davison family reunion is going to be a bit bloodier than they anticipated (sounds like a pretty normal family reunion to me).

The press release asks, cryptically: "could you survive if there was no where to hide?" My answer is a resounding "NO!", but who knows what kinds of tricks those Davisons have up their sleeves.

The poster, which looks pretty great, features the layout of a home in the shape of a fox's head. Going out on a limb here, but maybe they shouldn't have asked the architect to shape their home like a fox's head if they didn't want to get brutally murdered by murderers in animal masks. Silly Davisons, always testing fate!

The film finds its way to theaters on August 23rd.

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