Comic-Con International has always offered panels in locations away from the convention center, like the Indigo Ballroom. Now they've taken it another step further and added the Lyceum Theatre at the Horton Plaza. This venue is being called more intimate than other rooms and requries tickets as well. That's right, no lining up for hours! Here's what you need to know according to CCI: Ticket Information:

Entry to the Lyceum requires a separate ticket and a wristband, plus your Comic-Con 2013 badge. Drawings for panel entry tickets at the Lyceum Theatre will be held at 9:00 AM in the Autograph Area (upstairs in the Sails Pavilion) on Friday and Saturday morning. Each winner will receive entry for two into the Lyceum Theatre at Horton Plaza. (Please note: there is limited disabled seating.) You will receive two tickets and two wristbands. Each ticket must be present at the theater, with attendees wearing the wristband, to gain access. The Lyceum Theatre is assigned seating.

There will be a second drawing shortly following the 9:00 drawing for "stand-by seating tickets." The stand-by seating tickets are limited and do not guarantee you access to the panel.

Please be inside the Lyceum Theatre no later than 15 minutes prior to the panel start time or you will forfeit your seat to stand-by seating ticketholders.

As with any other Comic-Con panel, there is no extra charge for these panels. But be sure to have your badge on you!

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