We had the opportunity to attend a press conference for Firefly, and heard from the cast about their love for their characters and each other. We also found out about Browncoats Unite, an upcoming a world premiere anniversary special exploring the FIREFLY phenomenon debuting November 11 on SCIENCE. This hour- long special will include interviews with the cast and crew, exclusive footage from the Comic-Con 10-year anniversary panel, and will give fans an inside look at the series they've loved for so long.

Seeing the cast together was an amazing moment for those of us in attendance. We are all huge Firefly and Serenity fans, so not geeking out was a bit of a trial. The cast was super sweet and there were many laughs at the expense of themselves and each other. Q: Have you ever dressed up as your character as a cosplay thing?
A: (from Joss) The real question is have you ever dressed up as your character in your NEW series? (super pointed looks from everyone at Nathan Fillion because he did, in an episode of Castle, dress up as Captain Reynolds.)

There were so many great moments, including Nathan Fillion starting to tear up a bit when talking about how amazing it was to be a part of something so beloved by so many. But, far and away my favorite part of the interview was when someone asked if they would consider voicing themselves in an animated version of Firefly, and everyone seemed to be okay with it...maybe something to hope for?

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