We had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Smith, the author of the Bone comics, before his signing at Comic-Con this year. We spoke about the upcoming Bone movie, and his newest creation RASL. We even had him sign some books for us, so look for those in an upcoming giveaway!

W: Will you be releasing a full color collection edition soon?
JS: Yes we are, here at Comic-Con we are debuting a collectors edition; one volume in color with lots of little extras like a documentary, little Bone figures, cover galleries, lots of extra bells and whistles. In the fall we'll do a hard cover slip case one volume edition that will be the whole thing in color.

W: Can you give us a hint about what the movie might look like? We're thinking Lord of the Rings meets Roger Rabbit.
JS: Oh, that's not bad, although it won't be live action, it will be all animated. It will be CGI, and in 3d. I was at Warner Brothers about a month ago and they showed me a 4 min Bone short they had made with voices. It was very funny and they did a really nice job. They're walking in the desert and you see Ted the Bug bouncing around, and it's all in 3D so you're looking over cliffs and waterfalls. I was pretty excited, it looks pretty much like the comics.

W: Twenty years in comics, any big time Anniversary plans for yourself?
JS: Yes actually, Scholastic is throwing a big party for me this year at Comic-Con. They throw a very good party, so we'll have a lot of fun.

W: How is the new book, RASL, doing with fans, as compared to Bone?
JS: It's doing very well with fans, but I mean as compared to just can't. Bone will probably overshadow everything I do, and I can't really complain about it. I love Bone, it's very personal and I'm very proud of it. The new book is getting good reviews and respectable sales.

W: Do you think Bone fans are moving over to RASL, are you getting a lot of crossover?
JS: I think they're beginning to. When it first started up it was difficult to figure out what I was up to. I think now that I've got 3 of the 4 books completed I can tell that the story is starting to catch people's interest.

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