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  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is Student Affairs
  • I am Female
  • Zelda8999

    When asked to cover The Walking Dead Escape at San Diego Comic-Con for Wikia, I was all too eager to say yes. As a huge fan of the series and the graphic novels, I was excited to show the world how much of a bad-ass I truly was (in a structured and safe environment) and to prove to my family that I would totally survive the zombie apocalypse (albeit, a fantasy one at Petco Park in San Diego). Fun, I thought. It’ll be fun.

    And then I checked in.

    I immediately felt the anxiety rise within me. Here I was, the out-of-shape Cuban girl with glasses surrounded by hundreds of people that looked like they joined cross-fit this past year just to complete this course. They were stretching, doing push-ups, breathing exercises… legit -- they were pumping…

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  • Zelda8999

    If there's anything comic book fans can appreciate, it's beings with supernatural abilities. The only thing cooler than that? Regular people "kick-ass" enough to be superheroes (a la Batman, except teenagers and kinda broke).

    Enter the cast for Kick Ass 2. Most were there and I was star-struck.

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson (looking all buff and grown) with Christopher Mintz-Plasse (looking all cool and fun). Newbies, Lindy Booth, John Leguizamo, and Donald Faisonstrolled on stage. And even Director Jeff Wadlow was there with Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr., the Kick-Ass comic book writers. And even though we missed "Hit Girl," Chloe Grace Moretz visited via satellite and chatted it up for a few. We did miss Jim Carrey, though. (Though Carrey acted …

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  • Zelda8999

    "That might play with the masses, but underneath that angry young woman shell, there's a slightly less angry young woman who's just dying to bake me something. You're a marshmallow, Veronica Mars. A twinkie! " -- Wallace, Veronica Mars

    Kickstarter campaigns are the epitome of “by the people, for the people.” Imagine my excitement when WE the people -- all 91,585 of us -- brought back Veronica Mars. Hell, yes.

    Being in Hall H at Comic-Con was surreal. The place is HUGE and then to be a few feet away from Rob Thomas, the creator of our generation's Nancy Drew, and then hanging out with Kristen Bell and the rest of the Neptune crew in the flesh was magical. They were all there -- Enrico Colantoni (Veronica's dad), Percy Daggs III (the BFF), Ryan Ha…

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  • Zelda8999

    Picture this: You’re hanging out at your house with a few of your closest friends. The lights are kind of dim and there's a TV playing some random stuff. Everyone's laughing and it's a great time.

    That’s exactly what it was like being at the Comic-Con panel for The World's End . Except the close friends were Chris Hardwick (Panel Moderator), Edgar Wright (Director), Simon Pegg (Star) and Nick Frost (Co-Star). And the TV in the background was a huge screen playing various montage tributes to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It was like all of us in the audience -- more than 500 in attendance -- were invited to this dinner party and we were just one of the guys.

    The trailer for TWE breaks the plot down clearly: Five friends reunite in their hom…

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