If there's anything comic book fans can appreciate, it's beings with supernatural abilities. The only thing cooler than that? Regular people "kick-ass" enough to be superheroes (a la Batman, except teenagers and kinda broke).

Enter the cast for Kick Ass 2. Most were there and I was star-struck.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (looking all buff and grown) with Christopher Mintz-Plasse (looking all cool and fun). Newbies, Lindy Booth, John Leguizamo, and Donald Faisonstrolled on stage. And even Director Jeff Wadlow was there with Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr., the Kick-Ass comic book writers. And even though we missed "Hit Girl," Chloe Grace Moretz visited via satellite and chatted it up for a few. We did miss Jim Carrey, though. (Though Carrey acted in the movie, he is not participating in promo events due to his anti-gun stance in light of the Sandy Hook tragedies.)

The trailer they showed us depicted the journey of growing up, having new experiences and still being heroes for Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. With an intense and creepy look into the angry side of The M*ther F*cker, even Mintz-Plasse admits, "The role challenged me and took me to a dark place ... but I am happy I did not rape someone or a kill a puppy..." Both are things that The M*ther F*cker has to do in the graphic novel.

Fans were already asking about the future of Kick Ass, and Miller and Romita, Jr. admitted they had not written part 3... yet. Which clues us in that the story may not stop here. And in a convention filled with traditional Marvel fanatics, it's cool to see something a little different, and a bit edgy, have such a strong following.

KA2 is definitely an intense movie not meant for kids or the light-hearted. However, the sneak peek was worth the long lines and the cast is the super-secret about the story's mighty strong punch.

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